Litigation Law

ShahDesai, PC maintains a general litigation practice which can help you or your business either bring a lawsuit against someone or defend you if a legal proceeding has already been initiated against you.  We guide our clients through every phase of litigation, from pre-suit risk management to court trials or formal proceedings.  We are experienced in general litigation and focus on the following services:

Landlord & Tenant

Whether you are the landlord or tenant and whether your enterprise is residential or commercial we can help in all areas of property management, including evictions, habitability issues, lease/rental disagreements, and withholding of security deposits.

Municipal Court

We have extensive experience in handling traffic tickets, DWI and disorderly persons cases throughout the state of New Jersey.  Many people believe that a speeding or other moving violation can be resolved by simply paying the fine.  This is a misconception. Most speeding and other moving violations tickets are accompanied by points and/or other serious consequences which are not indicated on the ticket.

Contractual Claims

We handle litigation arising from all contractual disputes whether personal, business-to-business, or business-to-consumer. 

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